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Termite Control

We are the Termite Specialists in Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties. Using the latest treatment options, we can efficiently and effectively help you deal with your termite issue.



A home is one of a person’s largest investment, and the last thing you need is to have it devalued by termites. These destructive insects can cause damage to a home from the inside out in a matter of years.

Because you need to protect your investment, it’s imperative to keep an eye out for these signs and see if you need termite control in your Ventura or Santa Barbara area home.

  • Creaking floors and cracked ceilings
  • Traces of dust near windows
  • Piles of dead wings that possibly resemble scales
  • Areas that appear to have water damage

If you notice any of these termite warning signs in your home please don’t hesitate to contact us at (805) 664-1004 for a full home inspection to carefully detect the infested areas. Our licensed exterminator will provide recommendations and effective treatments to exterminate the termites.

Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction without the inconvenience and health risk of fumigation. Keep your home and family safe, and hire our experts to get rid of those pesky termites today.

Prevention is key to protecting your Ventura or Santa Barbara area home from termite infestations. Early discovery by having an annual termite inspection is a smart step that may you save thousands of dollars of home termite damage if left undetected.


At Shoreline Termite, we know that refinancing, selling or buying a home can be a stressful and lengthy process. You have to fill out paperwork, complete repairs, and deal with constantly changing timelines.

That’s why we offer timely, escrow-specific termite inspections to assist you in selling your home or buying a new home. Within just a day or two, we can get you rush service termite inspection reports so you can get on with closing the deal.


When buying or selling a home, most prospective homeowners want to know the home they’re purchasing is free of termites and other pests. If any infestation or damage is noted, the seller and buyer will likely negotiate to determine whether the seller will repair the problems beforehand as a condition of closing. Lenders meanwhile often require a termite clearance, so they know the investment they’re making is sound. So, a termite inspection is a necessity for real estate transactions.

Our team at Shoreline Termite provides thorough inspection reports and efficient recommendations, so that you can get on with closing the deal.


During the inspection, we provide a thorough, efficient inspection, determining whether there are any termites in your building. Our inspections include FHA/VA certified clearances and are completed with a thorough inspection report. We’re happy to work on your timeline, offering rush inspection services if you have limited time to complete the process. If we find any signs of termites, that doesn’t mean the deal has to fall through. Our skilled termite control team can provide thorough, reliable termite eradication, getting rid of the pests within days. Our fully licensed and experienced team can also assit with home repairs due to dryrot and termite damage.


At Shoreline Termite we provide a thorough and efficient inspection to help us determine the proper treatment option for your structure. We utilize the latest in termite treatment options dependent on the structure, soil, and surroundings including: Taurus, Premis Foam, and Bora Care.

At Shoreline Termite we specialize in the detection and full removal treatment of Drywood and Subterranean termites.


These termites live in wood with very low moisture content and don’t require any contact with the soil. They can take up residence in structural timbers, floors, wood furniture, and other pieces of wood throughout your home or business.


These termites live underground, typically tunneling up into your home from underneath. Due to their unseen presence, it can be very difficult to detect subterranean termites in your home, allowing them to keep damaging your property if left unchecked.

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